Fulfillment From Within offers a variety of services to support you in healing your relationship with yourself and others and opening to Divine Guidance. I am a Pathwork Helper and spiritually-based Life Coach.  (See my About page for a description of Pathwork.)


Testimonial:  “My sessions with Mary have been extremely helpful. She is compassionate, incisive and helps me get right to the heart of the matter. Her grasp of the Pathwork and her love for the material are apparent. Her attentiveness to what I am working through leaves me feeling well-supported and understood. When I seek out therapists and helpers, I look for people who are actively doing their own inner work, not just talking about it. Mary is like that. I trust her to help me on the path because she herself is walking it.” GB - Oregon

Individual Sessions


  Sessions are customized to meet your specific needs. These are the steps on the Path:

  • Step 1 is finding the places where you need to strengthen a healthy relationship with yourself and to clarify the false beliefs which limit you.
  • Step 2 is giving you the tools to change your false beliefs and manage your emotions and reactivity.
  • Step 3 is strengthening your connection and openness to the Divine. 
  • Step 4 is watching your outer circumstances change as your inner climate shifts. This is a blessed and joyful experience!

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Workshops, Programs and Distance Classes


 Workshops and Programs

Deep transformational growth is facilitated by connection with others. I love groups because of the heightened opportunities for healing in a gathering of like-minded people. The group experience can offer a level of healing that often does not occur in one-on-one work. The topics of some of my workshops:


  • Self-Confidence
  • Kicking Unworthiness to the Curb
  • Boundaries – What’s OK, What’s Not OK
  • Attracting Your Best Partner
  • The 3 Personality Types 
  • Entering the New Land
  • The Road to the Real Self
  • Real Needs/False Needs
  • Overcoming Childhood Hurts

Watch for announcements on upcoming workshops and programs!

Video-Conference Classes

Take a class from the comfort of your own home! Registration and access to the call are easy process. Stay tuned for upcoming classes.