About Mary




“I wish I’d met Mary years ago. I’m so grateful for all the healing and richness she has brought to my life. She has a very deep wisdom and empathy that sets her apart from other coaches and helpers. No matter what life is throwing my way, she has this incredible ability to immediately identify the root cause of the emotional conflict and get to the heart of the matter so that I can heal it at the core level. I highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.” 

AF – Virginia



The main reason I am on this planet is to express my blend of heart, humor, insight and reverence while helping you find and transform any obstacles to creating a divinely-driven and inspired life.

I have been passionate about personal growth for a long time. While still in the corporate world, I worked with meditation, but something was missing. I kept recycling the same problems and emotions. Meditation was not helping me to end the cycles.


The continuous emotional upsets were a big problem and led to an even bigger problem – a profound disconnect between me and my Higher Self, or Divine Source, as I like to call it. This led to crisis after crisis in the areas of money, relationships and health.



After finding Pathwork in the mid-1990’s I never looked back. I had finally found a spiritual path which also helped me deal with the unhealthy emotions and reactivity blocking my connection to Source.

On my journey, I developed a much better relationship with myself. I learned that there were parts of the self that I needed to care for and manage in different ways. I also learned how to navigate my way through inner and outer conflicts. Through the on-going healing of the relationship with myself, I am now able to have vastly improved outer relationships. 

The healthier relationship with myself and my strengthened connection to the Divine allow me to live my purpose and passion in an intentional way. I learned, and still learn, how to work with and move through my resistances and fears, rather than being paralyzed by them.


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