I call my practice Fulfillment from Within because I know the pitfalls of trying to find lasting satisfaction from without. My belief that something on the outside was IT -- some relationship, some job, some living situation – caused me great suffering and crises. 

Nearly 25 years of immersion in Pathwork, a profound and deeply grounded spiritual path helped me to change all of that. (See more on what Pathwork is below, right.)

Yes, we all need and want happy relationships, fulfilling work, a nice place to live, etc., but an inner shift must take place first to experience those outer things in a relaxed, organic way. 

This is the shift: We must become anchored in the self, rather than the other, and know how to connect with Divine within to be informed and led in a higher way. This inner relationship then forms itself as our new life and experience in ways our human minds are too limited to comprehend.

 The gifts I bring to our work are those of heart-centered listening, kindness of spirit, and intuitive, compassionate insight – all tempered with a good dose of humor. I can help you break through the patterns that keep you stuck and struggling, so that you can move into a life that you and Source co-create.

I am a Certified Pathwork Helper in the Philadelphia Pathwork Region.


“I have worked with Mary for the past year and have been very impressed with her deep intuitive nature. She is gifted in her ability to be fully present and has been amazingly insightful and supportive regarding my process. Her caring is genuine and authentic, and I highly recommend her to anyone on the path of self-discovery.” TH - Pennsylvania


What is Pathwork?

   “What is this strange wall that holds you back from being who and what you are, from being your best, your greatest, most wise, generous, loving, creative, self-assertive, unfolding, aware, courageous, humble self, with all its innate dignity and nobility? You are all of this and more. You have your own specific turn of mind, talent and intelligence; you have something utterly unique to contribute to life and creation.”  --  Pathwork Lecture #212: “Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness” 


Over 20 years ago, I was given the book “The Pathwork of Self Transformation” by Eva Pierrakos. It blew my mind and gave me a view of the human condition I had never seen before. That was the beginning of my Pathwork journey. 

I began to see a Pathwork Helper --  a mentor/coach working with Pathwork principles. I couldn’t get enough. My life began to change. As I faced my shadow side, I was able to transform those negative attributes.  I graduated from the five-year Pathwork Transformation Program and then began my four years of training as a Certified Pathwork Helper. I now work with other Pathworkers, as well as others who want spiritually-based Life Coaching. 

Pathwork  takes you on a spiritual journey of self-transformation. Combining both spiritual practices and exquisite psychological tools, Pathwork helps you courageously, compassionately face the attitudes and behaviors in your life which cause you pain and trouble, allowing you to deliberately create your life aligned with Spirit.

It is a path which, bit by bit, transforms the layers of the false self you built in order to survive, so that you can live and thrive from your Real Self. At some points on the path, the focus is more psychological, at other times more spiritual, and most frequently is a combination of both. 

You learn to face "the worst in you" with compassion and acceptance, in order to find "the best in you."  

You master managing your reactivity and emotions -- leading to more harmony, flow, love and healthy connection with yourself, others and the Divine. It is impossible to align with Spirit while tied up in emotional knots! 

Pathwork consists of teachings channeled by Eva Pierrakos. These teachings originate from a spirit entity of immense wisdom known as the Guide and are contained in a series of 258 lectures delivered through Eva over a period of 22 years.

Pathwork is not psychotherapy.


Where are you stuck? Let's find the key!

 · Does feeling “not good enough” plague you?

· Do you have a very stubborn problem which causes you to feel helpless/hopeless?  

· Do you lose yourself in relationships?

· Do you find that you just can’t get yourself to do what is necessary to create the life you want?

· Are you always trying to find the “perfect” answer or situation in order to be OK?

· Do you long to attract a loving partner, but haven’t been able to? Or do you need to end a relationship, but feel paralyzed?

· Are you passionate and committed to making changes so that life works better?

The answer to all these questions lies within you and the relationship you have with yourself and the Divine within. I teach effective tools and attitudes based on 20+ years of Pathwork practices to help you end the inner discord and move forward in creating a deeply fulfilling life.


“Mary creates a space for me to see clearly, opening up space where there are blockages of scrambled thinking. She helps me back into my center with unconditional love and acceptance. She helps me to let go of burdens of struggle, anxiety, pushing and gives me tools to use to practice letting go into the flow from my true self. When I'm in confusion, Mary helps me define what's real. When I'm caught in my stuff, it is very challenging for me to see. As I learn to "manage" myself from my conscious loving self, Mary teaches me how to be my own best friend. I can share everything -- my deepest self -- and feel safe and guided." BW - Pennsylvania


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Fulfillment From Within